10 Ways To Escape A Room Map 1.10.2

In 10 Ways To Escape A Room Map 1.10.2 map you will have to beat 10 levels. This map contains parkour, puzzles, a trivia level and a redstone level. There is also a bonus room you can unlock once you’ve found all 10 trophies!

The map may take about 45 minutes, but can be completed more quickly. The difficulty level for the map isn’t very high, but some trophies may be hidden very well.

There are also 4 youtuber rooms for: PopularMMOS, GamingwithJen, PrestonPlayz and DanTDM. If you are a big youtuber and you want a youtuber room in my next map, please contact me.

If you record my map for youtube, please credit me!

Now enjoy playing my map!



Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.10.2


Credits : mod-minecraft.net

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