The 28 Mazes Map 1.9

The 28 Mazes is a map with … 28 mazes, that’s right, it took a lot to make this map, and it will take for you to spend too, the story has not been done completely then wait for the prologue and continuation of this map, the map can be played with a friend if you wish! I hope you enjoy!

The history? Oh! The history! The history it is at the end of the map! Right? Right!

28 Mazes very random, no, wait, random no! But you will regret for having initiated this map!


  • The map can be played both in Multiplayer and in Singleplayer!
  • Play in Adventure mode and when the map puts you in Survival Mode!
  • Play in Easy!
  • Play only in version 1.9.X of Minecraft!
  • If you have any questions let me know!
  • The map is Mazes!



Download Link:

For Minecraft 1.9

Credits: LEANDROLUIZ2210

Credits :

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