700 Jumps To Success Map 1.10.2

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700 Jumps To Success Map: It’s basically just pressing the space button 700 times…NOT. You will not complete this map, never. You will die. I hate you. This map is so hard.

How To Works:

The map is divided into 7 stages. Each stage has 100 jumps and 1 checkpoint. There is a checkpoint after every fifty jumps. Easy you say? We’ll see about that. The stages are:

  • 1. Dirt (0-100, Normal)
  • 2. Stone (100-200, Hardest)
  • 3. Sand (200-300, Hard)
  • 4. Wood (300-400, Hardest)
  • 5. Ice (400-500, Normal)
  • 6. Iron (500-600, Hard)
  • 7. Gold (600-700, Hardest).


  • /gamemode 2
  • /difficulty peaceful
  • You are allowed to change time of day
  • Enjoy



Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.10.2


Author: 87TH
Credits : mod-minecraft.net

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