Achieved Mod (1.19.3) is a mod focused on adding new advancements to the game for that little bit more gratitude and a little bit of challenge for the completionists. Some are transferred from the bedrock edition achievements, others are brand new.


All the advancements added are:

(MC Bedrock achievements)

  • Benchmarking – make a crafting table
  • Hot topic – make a furnace
  • Librarian – craft a bookshelf
  • Overpowered – eat an enchanted golden apple
  • Moskstraumen – craft a conduit
  • Dry spell – obtain a dry sponge
  • Iron man – wear full iron armor
  • Stayin’ frosty – swim in lava whilst having a fire resistance
  • Time For Stew – obtain suspicious stew

(Brand new advancements)

  • Tape it together – craft disc 5
  • Reap what you sow – obtain wheat
  • Just a wooden pick – craft a wooden pickaxe
  • Green with envy – have a stack of emeralds in your inventory
  • Smithing – craft a smithing table
  • Echo echo – obtain an echo shard
  • Great recovery – craft a recovery compass
  • Why so shellfish – obtain a nautilus shell
  • That’s cute – obtain a scute
  • A fancy little shellmet – craft a turtle shell
  • Friendly swimmers – get dolphin’s grace
  • Backpack backpack – craft a shulker box
  • Overprepared – have 5 enchanted golden apples on you at one time
  • It spreads where i choose – relocate a sculk catalyst
  • Home again – leave the end dimension (Death included)
  • Smithed – upgrade anything to nephrite
  • Unconventional mining – use silk touch to obtain an ore block
  • Sneak 1000 – sneak with swift sneak leggings
  • Otherside – obtain other side
  • But what does it do – get a poisonous potato
  • Watch your step – crouch on a magma block
  • Artificial beekeeping – place a beehive
  • Engineering 101 – obtain redstone dust
  • Potion breathe – craft a lingering potion
  • Withered beauty – get a wither rose
  • Light of the soul – craft  a soul torch
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