Advent(ure) Calendar 2016 Map 1.11

Advent(ure) Calendar 2016 Map is a classic advent calendar where, each day, the player have to accomplish a task. Other than this, the map has a central hub, the city, where you talk to the people you have saved by completing the puzzles, in a story that involves completing every challenge in order to access the peak of the main mountain.

The map will work in this way: in every version you have 6 puzzles you can complete, while new releases will follow: in this way, I have time to complete the map, while players won’t be able to play the map too much in advance, like an advent calendar should be. You should be expecting a new version every 6 days.


  • 24 levels on different kinds of puzzles;
  • a central hub;
  • a simple and silly story;
  • a mountain to climb.



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For Minecraft 1.11

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