Ashwick – The Lonely Isle Map 1.8

Ashwick – The Lonely Isle Map:

Heyo everyone,

I started this project around 5 to 6 months ago and I just had an idea about a great concept. But after finishing this I extended the whole island and I got more and more ideas.

So I added the huge face. I kinda liked the idea of an open mouth the be the entrance to something. I might add an interior to the whole island and that will be the entrance to it.

The clock was supposed to be on top of the waterweel but then something terrible happened. At that moment I knew I reached world height, everys builders struggle ._. I managed to get them next to each other and connect them with the gears.

On the back of the island I added a fantasy building which is the home of the mages of the people on this island


Over 200 Score ago, somewhere in the seven waters, there once was a hidden island which was called home by a marvelous civilisation, with timewise superb technology and beautiful architectual craftsmanship. This island’s name was Ashwick.

Upon seing the island for the first time, you would have immediately noticed the grand clock and the gate of the guardian, which marked the entrance of the supreme mountain palace.

Unlike any other clock, this special timekeeper registered the arrival of something, which back then was unknown, though expected to be a god to arrive, but was soon to be indentified as the end of this civilisation.

The guardian depicts the first emperor’s face of the civilisation of ashwick, whom founded the grand city with all its gold-wooden towers and brough glory upon the people by using the ancient celestial arts of magica and combining them with the art of the earthly man – science. His name though remained a mystery to anyone, so his people came to call him “their Guardian”.

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But the manmade constructions where not the only beauty that this now lost island of Ashwick beared, as the nature and the terrain itself were a work of godly art. With its collossal waterfalls and its unique cliff forests, which were formed by the giant trees which are rumored to have been there before man set foot on this world, the island is,or was, unlike any other place on this planet.

But as the centuries passed, the island was consumed by the water, and now is lost to the eye of man for eternity.

The people on the continents had many names for this legendary place. The greek called it atlantis, nordic tribes named it Alfheim, but we shall call it by its name, given by its guardian – Ashwick

~Chapter 3 – Chronics Of The Lost Worlds



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