Aureate Reliquary Mod [1.19.2] is a mod for Fabric that adds a bunch of weapons that do cool stuff when you hit things with them, along with an armor set that re-imagines the concept of armor and defense.


  • The Resonating Blade makes enemies you hit and those around them glow, making your next attacks on glowing enemies hit all nearby enemies that are glowing. It can be found in Weaponsmiths’ huts.
  • The Aureate Mace gives you stacking Strength buffs based on the power of your main hand. It can be found in Weaponsmiths’ huts.
  • The Quantumblade teleports you behind your enemy when you hit them. It can be found in Stronghold Libraries.
  • The Phantasmblade hits the enemy again right after you hit them the first time. It can be found in Pyramids and Desert Houses.
  • The Galesword launches a sphere of freezing wind at your enemy. It can be found in Igloos.
  • The Flamebrand sets enemies on fire, and launches flame projectiles from enemies that you hit that are already on fire, spreading further from enemies that are already on fire. It can be found in Pyramids and Desert Houses.
  • The Macuahuitl applies a stacking and decaying bleed debuff on enemies. This bleed debuff cannot kill. It can be found in Jungle Temples.
  • The Primal Axe summons wolves when you hit an enemy with it. These wolves go away eventually. It can be found in Igloos and Shepherds huts.
  • The Seething Blade summons lightning on up to 4 enemies, spreading the damage of the sword equally among them. The less enemies affected by lightning, the more damage each individual enemy takes from this effect. It can be found in Pyramids and Jungle Temples.
  • The Aureate Fist fires a projectile that, upon hitting an enemy, attacks the enemy with your main hand weapon. Its alternate mode shoots a short range barrage of fists in a direction, attacking them with your main hand weapon rapidly. Shift + right click to change modes.
  • The Relic Armor set gives you 2 Absorption (Yellow) Hearts per piece. Your amount of Absorption Hearts increases or decreases more rapidly based on how far away your current amount of hearts is from your maximum. A full set of Relic Armor gives 8 absorption hearts that rapidly regenerate if there are less of them.
  • The Aureate Horn is used to summon hordes of zombies. It has 8 uses, and 3 of the zombies will wield damaged Relic weapons, which they drop. These zombies are stronger and faster. The Aureate Horn can be crafted in a Smithing Table with a Goat Horn and an Aureate Ingot, which is crafted with 4 gold and 4 amethyst shapelessly in a crafting table.
  • Relic Weapons apply their effects even if they are in the off hand, allowing for interesting combinations of effects to happen while dual wielding them. You can also wield a modded weapon in your main hand, while wielding a Relic in the other. Relic effects changed numerically based on the attack speed and attack damage of your main hand weapon, including any effects that might increase attack damage and attack speed.
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You may need:

Minecraft Forge

Fabric Modloader

Fabric API

How to install:

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