Baublelicious Mod 1.7.10



Baublelicious Mod adds more items used by Baubles by Azanor.


  • Ring Of Flightlets you fly like creative.
  • Speed Beltmakes you run and fly faster.
  • Amulet Of Growthspeeds up the growth of any plant ingame.(by default activated with G)
  • Belt Of Hiking: gives you step assist.
  • Belt Of Water Walking: lets you walk on water.
  • Amulet Of Diving: lets you breath under water.
  • Magnet Ring: pulls nearby items and xp to you.
  • Falling Belt: removes fall damage.
  • Amulet Of Diving: lets you breathe underwater.
  • Amulet Of Nightvision: gives you nightvision.
  • Entangled ring/belt/amulet: lets you have multiple baubles in the same slot.(add baubles in crafting table)

Other Items/blocks:

  • Pedistal: in the Pedestal you can put baubles. and within a range of 32 blocks it wil give you the effect of the bauble.
  • binding gem: used in the Pedestal to bind the effect to a player.
  • Magic cores: crafting item in diffent tiers




Minecraft Forge

Baublelicious Mod Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
Baublelicious v1.2.2-final Release 1.7.10 Dec 15, 2016
Baublelicious v1.1.0 Release 1.7.10 May 28, 2015

Author: sjembek98

Credits :

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