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Do you believe what I have said? Better Foliage Mod is an wonderful mod that gives you a lot of strange feelings and thoughts of the nature. You will experience the feeling when getting lost in the wood and sometimes in a spectacular views. Moreover, as we are concerned, green brings us the comfort and convenience. That is the reason why after a hard- working day, you will be relaxed and comfortable with this mod.

Surprisingly, all the things and even graphics in Better Foliage Mod are significantly improved; therefore, the views and all the features such as trees, leaves and grass become so real. I make sure that you will be impressed by the reality of the trees, grass and even smaller details that are not easily noticed. Especially, you will be a scientist or botanist and have a deeper insight in the botany.

Furthermore, you are an talented artist when you have chances to draw some extra leaves on trees. If you can do this work well, your plant life can get more verdant and fluffy and it is also short grass on grass blocks. Better Foliage Mod is a re-implementation of some features of Better Grass and Leaves Mod.

Remember that this mod is easily downloaded and installed. Let’s join with us to discover the wildlife and its beauties.



Better Foliage Mod is client although it will not crash your server if you add it accidentally.

Extra leaves will be rendered for each leaf block that has at least one side touching an air block. Additionally, grass will be rendered for grass blocks with an air block above them.

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There is a config GUI, opened by pressing F8 (configurable), or using the config button after selecting it in your mod list. Here you can set rendering options for grass and leaves.

  • On/Off: self-explanatory
  • Size: size of the extra polygons, relative to block diameter
  • Offset: how much off-center the polygons should be (relative to diameter), to break up the regularity. Separate horizontal and vertical value for leaves
  • Offset mode: leaves only. In Translate mode, round leaves will be moved off-center, but have a perfect 45° angle. In Skew mode, leaves will stay centered, but the corners will be dragged around.
  • Height: for grass only, minimum and maximum values
  • Flower Chance: how many lilypads out of 64 should have a flower on them
  • Reeds/Algae Chance: how many suitable blocks out of 64 should have reeds/algae (approximate)

There’s some minor inconvenience with short grass: because mipmaps and transparency are not good friends, the grass looks darker than it should at a distance, and large flat patches of grass look a bit weird. If you have the horsepower for it, turn off mipmaps and crank up anisotropic filtering in the video settings.

Works fine with the GLSL Shader Mod. You may want to turn off the short grass though: because of the shadow map resolution the grass looks like it is floating slightly above the block (it doesn’t).

The mod does not need textures supplied for the crossed leaf polygons for each and every leaf type, as it will generate them on the fly, making it very easy to use: it will (should) support every mod and texture pack automagically.

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Confirmed to support leaves from: Vanilla, BOP, Natura, Forestry and Thaumcraft.

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File Name Status Game Version Date
BetterFoliage-MC1.11-2.1.3.jar Release 1.11 Dec 22, 2016
BetterFoliage-MC1.10.2-2.1.3.jar Release 1.10.2 Dec 22, 2016
BetterFoliage-MC1.9.4-2.0.15.jar Release 1.9.4 Sep 17, 2016
BetterFoliage-MC1.9-2.0.15.jar Release 1.9 Sep 17, 2016
BetterFoliage-MC1.8.x-2.0.15.jar Release 1.8.9 Sep 17, 2016
BetterFoliage-MC1.8-2.0.15.jar Release 1.8 Sep 17, 2016
BetterFoliage-MC1.7.10-2.0.14.jar Release 1.7.10 Aug 12, 2016
BetterFoliage-MC1.7.2-2.0.14.jar Release 1.7.2 Aug 12, 2016

Credits: octarine_noise

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