BinaryCraft Mod 1.10.2


BinaryCraft BinaryCraft Mod 1.10.2

BinaryCraft Mod is a mod with a miscellaneous selection of blocks, machines and items that I want to have in my modded Minecraft gameplay. The items in the mod are fully configurable.

If you want to know the recipes for any of the blocks or items in the game, please consult the JEI mod in game (or refer to the source code).



A single block capable of storing a maximum of 999 items, with a search feature

BinaryCraft-1 BinaryCraft Mod 1.10.2


As the StorageSilo, but with a integrated crafting table
BinaryCraft-2 BinaryCraft Mod 1.10.2


A block that uses RF to repair items with the mending enchantment
BinaryCraft-3 BinaryCraft Mod 1.10.2

Fan Block

The fan block is a passive block that is able to push mobs and players in the direction in which the block is facing. It’s an ideal block to use in a mob farm, to push mobs to their death. The blocks can be stacked in front of each other to increase the push force. The block can be disabled in the config, and the range of effect of the block can also be altered. 


Minecraft Forge

BinaryCraft Mod Download Links:

File NameStatusGame VersionDate
binarycraft-1.2.jarBeta1.10.2Nov 25, 2016
binarycraft-1.1.jarBeta1.10.2Sep 4, 2016
binarycraft-1.0.jarBeta1.10.2Sep 3, 2016

Author: BinaryCrafter

Credits :

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