Welcome to Blocks + Mod (1.19.2, 1.18.2). This isn’t a direct port of the crystals. They have been modified to look more pretty (made more transparent). The generation mimics that of amethyst geodes, but with these crystals. You can now enjoy pretty building blocks as long as you meet their exploratory needs!!


This mod adds new blocks to the game, such as

  • Bamboo and Mushroom Planks
  • Crafting Table, Ladder and Bookshelf Variants
  • New Lanterns
  • Blue Nether Bricks (Including a new Warped Wart, which cannot be used to brew awkward potions)
  • Metal Stairs, Slabs, Pressure Plates, Doors, Trapdoors and Bars (Both Diamond and Netherite Pressure Plates react only to the player!)
  • Cactus, Magma, Coral, Frozen, Sandstone, Red Sandstone, Dark Prismarine, Sculk, Obsidsian, Crying Obsidian, Soul Soil Bricks
  • Granite, Diorite, Andesite, Calcite, Tuff, Dripstone, Basalt and Gilded Blackstone Polished Bricks
  • Knitted Wool
  • Terracotta and Concrete Bricks


Bamboo Planks

Bamboo planks with its variants, Credits to Wakaitsu for making bamboo log textures!

Mushroom Planks

Mushroom planks with its variants

Wood Variants

Variants for Crafting Tables, Bookshelves and Ladders


Soul and Redstone Jack o’Lantern, Redstone Lantern, Nether Rod, Coral Lanterns and Amethyst Lantern

Nether Brick Variants

Fence Gate and Brick Pillar

Red Nether Brick Variants

Fence, Fence Gate, Cracked, Chiseled and Brick Pillar

Blue Nether Bricks

Blue Nether Bricks with its variants, including Warped Wart

See also  Mystic World Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2 for Minecraft

Metal Variants

Stairs, Slabs, Pressure Plates, Doors, Trapdoors and Bars

Cactus Bricks

Cactus and Smooth Cactus Bricks with their variants

Magma Bricks

Magma and Soul Magma Bricks with their variants

Coral Bricks

Coral Bricks with their variants, these can survive outside water

Frozen Bricks

Frozen Bricks with its variants

Stone Variants

Wall, Pillar and Brick Pillar

Smooth Stone Bricks

Smooth Stone Bricks with its variants

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Blocks + Mod (1.19.2, 1.18.2) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.16.5

Forge version: Download from Server 1

For Minecraft 1.18.2

Forge version: Download from Server 1

For Minecraft 1.19.2

Forge version: Download from Server 1

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