Bones Mod 1.14.4 (Spooky Animals)

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Bones Mod 1.14.4. Hello all of you! Today I will introduce to you a mod for Minecraft version 1.14.4 called Bones.

bones-mod-1-14-4-spooky-animals Bones Mod 1.14.4 (Spooky Animals)

Bones is a mod that will add to your Minecraft game new creatures. These creatures will have the same theme as skeletal.

Currently, Bones adds 4 new creatures to Minecraft. They are Skeleton Sheep, Skeleton Pig, Skeleton Cow and Skeleton Chicken. These creatures will appear naturally in Nether but you can completely bring them back to Overworld and make a farm for them.

  • Skeleton Sheep: Their favorite food is Raw Mutton (propagate them using Raw Mutton). You can also feed Skeleton Sheep Rotten Flesh. In doing so, they are able to regrow … their flesh. When they grow back meat, you can use Shear to take them out.
  • Skeleton Pigs: Skeleton Pigs like to eat Raw Porkchops. Skeleton Pigs can be ridden when you put Saddle on them and use “Porkchop on a Stick”. Skeleton Pigs are faster than regular Pigs.
  • Skeleton Cows: Skeleton Cows like to eat Raw Beef. Currently, they do not have any special features.
  • Skeleton Chickens: They like to eat Raw Chicken. Skeleton Chickens are different from Chickens in that they will not lay eggs. Instead, they have the ability to spawn items like Charcoal, Fire Charge or Gunpowder.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

1571763673_517_bones-mod-1-14-4-spooky-animals Bones Mod 1.14.4 (Spooky Animals) 1571763673_904_bones-mod-1-14-4-spooky-animals Bones Mod 1.14.4 (Spooky Animals) 1571763673_461_bones-mod-1-14-4-spooky-animals Bones Mod 1.14.4 (Spooky Animals) 1571763673_566_bones-mod-1-14-4-spooky-animals Bones Mod 1.14.4 (Spooky Animals) 1571763673_566_bones-mod-1-14-4-spooky-animals Bones Mod 1.14.4 (Spooky Animals) 1571763673_570_bones-mod-1-14-4-spooky-animals Bones Mod 1.14.4 (Spooky Animals) 1571763673_452_bones-mod-1-14-4-spooky-animals Bones Mod 1.14.4 (Spooky Animals) 1571763673_216_bones-mod-1-14-4-spooky-animals Bones Mod 1.14.4 (Spooky Animals) 1571763673_479_bones-mod-1-14-4-spooky-animals Bones Mod 1.14.4 (Spooky Animals) 1571763673_426_bones-mod-1-14-4-spooky-animals Bones Mod 1.14.4 (Spooky Animals) 1571763673_824_bones-mod-1-14-4-spooky-animals Bones Mod 1.14.4 (Spooky Animals) 1571763673_413_bones-mod-1-14-4-spooky-animals Bones Mod 1.14.4 (Spooky Animals) 1571763673_44_bones-mod-1-14-4-spooky-animals Bones Mod 1.14.4 (Spooky Animals)


  • Forge Mod Loader.

How to Install Bones Mod 1.14.4 for Minecraft

  1. Download Forge Installer, Bones-1.14.4.jar file
  2. Right click Forge Installer, Run as Administrator and press OK to install Forge. (You can skip this step if you’ve installed Minecraft Forge)
  3. Open Start on desktop > Open Run (Or you can use the Windows + R keyboard shortcut)
  4. Type %appdata% into Run and press enter.
  5. Go to folder /.minecraft/mods
  6. Put jar file of the Mod into mods folder and then run Minecraft. Done!

Download links for Bones Mod 1.14.4

1546425202_249_primitive-mobs-mod-1-12-2-a-lot-new-creatures-for-minecraft Bones Mod 1.14.4 (Spooky Animals)  >  for Minecraft 1.14.4

Bones Mod 1.14.4 (Spooky Animals) is an alternation of Mod that players can install into Minecraft which they can have experiences differs from the original Minecraft version
Mostly, people modifying Mod for Minecraft (Modders) code by using Minecraft Coder Pack and Modloader or Minecraft Forge. The list classifying the latest of Minecraft 1.14.2 Mods and Minecraft 1.14.2 Mods. Trust me, and your world will be more exciting with many cool mods.

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