Border Expands Per Day Mod (1.20.1, 1.19.4) is a creative modification for Minecraft that transforms the world-generation process by dynamically expanding the playable area each in-game day. Developed by dedicated modders, this mod encourages players to explore, expand, and adapt to an ever-growing world, presenting an exciting and unique challenge for those seeking a fresh Minecraft experience.


  • Gradual World Expansion: The core feature of the mod is the daily expansion of the world border. This expansion can be configured to fit the player’s preferences and server settings, encouraging players to explore new terrain regularly.
  • Customizable Settings: Server administrators can customize the mod’s settings to control the rate and size of the border expansion, ensuring that it aligns with the server’s theme and gameplay style.
  • Exploration Incentive: The mod incentivizes exploration and resource gathering, as players must venture beyond the existing borders to adapt to the ever-expanding world.
  • Adaptive Gameplay: Players must adapt to the changing landscape, which adds a layer of challenge and excitement to their Minecraft adventures.
  • Compatibility: “Border Expands Per Day” is compatible with various other mods, allowing players to integrate this unique feature into their existing Minecraft setups.


Minecraft Forge

Fabric Modloader

Fabric API

Quilt Installer

How to install:

How To Download & Install Mods with Minecraft Forge

How To Download & Install Fabric Mods

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Border Expands Per Day Mod (1.20.1, 1.19.4) Download Links

For all versions from Minecraft 1.18.2 to Minecraft1.20.1

Forge/Quilt/Fabric version: Download from Server 1

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