BuildCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.11/1.10.2

BuildCraft Mod 1.11/1.10.2 is likely one of the hottest mods for Minecraft 1.11 and 1.10.2 ever made so far. This Minecraft mod lets you create superior buildings through the use of the square buildings and afterward you’ll be able to modify it to acquire totally different distinctive outcomes. When you installed this mod, you’ll have a significant number of peculiarities like riggings, tables, funnels and quite a lot of different stuff that can show you how to construct your dream building in-game. And on the similar time, your gameplay expertise will likely be far more enhanced as a result of you possibly can create issues which are associated with a specific theme or expertise, for instance, you possibly can create coal buildings or pipes, quarries and lots of extra things.











The most important function of BuildCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.11 is the pipes. Pipes are used to moving objects, fluids, and mechanical vitality between inventories/machines. There are numerous various kinds of pipes all with unique capabilities, together with Wood, Cobblestone, Stone, Sandstone, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Emerald and Obsidian. Pipes might be mixed with Pipe Sealant to permit them to make Fluid Pipes that may transport liquids or with Redstone to make Kinesis Pipes to permit them to move mechanical vitality.


  • Wooden Pipe
  • Stone Pipe
  • Gold Pipe
  • Quartz Pipe
  • Obsidian Pipe
  • Sandstone Pipe
  • Emerald Pipe
  • Lapis Pipe
  • Conductive Pipes
  • Gates
  • Cobblestone Pipe
  • Diazuli Pipe
  • Iron Pipe
  • Diamond Pipe
  • Stripe Pipe
  • Void Pipe
  • Waterproof Pipes
  • Structure Pipes

Automatic Mining:

  • Pump
  • Mining Well
  • Quarry
  • Landmarks


  • Redstone Engine
  • Steam/Stirling Engine
  • Combustion Engine
  • Hopper
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Automatic Building:

  • Template Drawing Table
  • Template
  • Architect Table
  • Blueprint
  • Filler
  • Builder

Mod Showcase:

BuildCraft Mod Update Logs


  • Map locations now require shift-clicking to clear before they can be set to use a new location.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Auto-workbench doesn’t start crafting when items are inserted.
  • Robots have problems with torches and partial/half blocks. (rapus95)
  • Render error in the list GUI (XOR19)
  • Quarry: Reports its location as the currently mined block, not the actual quarry
  • Oil can sometimes poke through the bottom of the world.
  • NPE in gate (pipe states; input/output only, opened/closed)
  • Lasers render only from a specific angle (as with pumps & quarry before)
  • Pipe items not clearing up their openGL render data. Ever.
  • The flood gate doesn’t update its texture when you block/unblock a side

BuildCraft Mod 1.11 Setup

  1. Ensure you have already downloaded and installed the Minecraft Forge mod loader.
  2. Download the mod and Mantle library on this web page.
  3. Find the Minecraft directory folder (.minecraft).
  4. Place the mod file you downloaded; you will have only drop (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  5. While you launch Minecraft and click on the mods button you need to see now the mod is put in.

Download BuildCraft Mod


The download links that are below are protected and safe to download. We be sure that there isn’t any viruses or malwares within the links we offer. We additionally know that Minecraft gamers usually search for the newest updates of Minecraft downloads. If a version of BuildCraft Mod that you want isn’t listed below, leave us a comment to let us know about it.

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Download links



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