Ces Map 1.10.2

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Ces Map 1.10.2 Enlisting for the mechanic space program, you have been chosen as one of the mechanics to fix the Fluidflex CES Facility.

As you keep exploring through the facility, you start revealing its dark secrets Fluidflex has been hiding from you. Panicked, you need to get out of there before you become their next test subject.


I would like to credit JerenVidsPC for providing the sky in the map.

You can find the skies here.

The moon in the map has been added in by myself.

Additional Information:

This map contains some very hard parkour scenes, so if you easily get frustrated or simply can’t complete them you are free to skip that specific part.

Remember, this is only the first version of the map so if you encounter any strange bugs or glitches in the map, you can email me or leave it in the comments down below. Thank you.



Update v1.1:

  • Fixed a coding mistake at the start of the map which set the doTileDrops gamerule to false, therefore not letting the player proceed in the redstone block part.



Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.10.2


Author: ZQUIL
Credits : mod-minecraft.net

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