Chunk Error Map 1.11

Chunk Error Map You created a world, but every day that you played in this world, you saw that slowly was changing, until one day the world was corrupt. Follow the quest to escape from this world!


  • The top right on the scoreboard will show all the quests to complete.
  • When you complete a quest, you will be assigned another.
  • Whenever you’ve completed a mission A new flying island Appears
  • Some signs (colored) are clickable.
  • There will be a monument to complete with heads, the heads can be found, or dropping by some mobs, each time you place a head, a chest will appear under the head.
  • If you lose an Item (essential for the continuation of quests) you can go to the designated area and take back the lost item.
  • IMPORTANT, the gamemode 1 (creative) will not be accessible in any way, if you try to go for three times, you will be banned.
  • Each spawner spawn custom mob, killing them and you can find the items you need. don’t break the spawner!


  • Don’t create a Nether Portal.
  • Play on minecraft v1.11.x
  • Play for fun!
  • No cheat!
  • Map v1.1, For any bug, contact me :-]
  • For the correct operation of the map it’s required to have the Render Distance set to atleast 16 chunks.



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For Minecraft 1.11

Author: HYDRO54
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