Cobblerock Mod 1.7.10

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Cobblerock Cobblerock Mod 1.7.10

Cobblerock  is a simple mod that adds different dense cobblestone blocks that can be used to make bedrock and a hammer to remove bedrock with.

Items & Recipes

Dense Cobblestone

Cobblerock-1 Cobblerock Mod 1.7.10

This is the first cobblestone needed. Crafted with cobblestone.

Super Dense Cobblestone

Cobblerock-2 Cobblerock Mod 1.7.10

This is the second cobblestone needed. Crafted with Dense Cobblestone.

Mega Dense Cobblestone

Cobblerock-3 Cobblerock Mod 1.7.10

This is the third cobblestone needed. Crafted with Super Dense Cobblestone.

Ultra Dense Cobblestone

Cobblerock-4 Cobblerock Mod 1.7.10

This is the last cobblestone before bedrock. Crafted with Mega Dense Cobblestone.


Cobblerock-5 Cobblerock Mod 1.7.10

Finally, you can now craft bedrock with 9 Ultra Dense Cobblestone.

You need 59,049 cobblestone in total to make 1 piece.

Ultra Dense Hammer

Cobblerock-6 Cobblerock Mod 1.7.10

This can be used to mine bedrock. Just right click on bedrock to remove it.


Minecraft Forge

Cobblerock Mod Download Links:

File NameStatusGame VersionDate
cobblerock-1.1-[mc-1.7.10].jarRelease1.7.10Feb 10, 2017
cobblerock-1.0-[mc-1.7.10].jarRelease1.7.10Feb 9, 2017

Author: d4rkstar00

Credits :

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