The Correctional Facility Map 1.10.2


The Correctional Facility Map is a hard puzzle map that I created. That is why you must be the kind of person who like puzzle maps because its really hard. And there are three difficult Levels.

Are you up for the challenge to escape the Facility?

Tell me if you made a video about this map on you channel in the comments.


You are a man who is locked up in a Correctional Facility. Now you must try to escape the the Facility.But there are Vary hard puzzles up ahead, so you must solve them to escape the Facility.


  • Brightness Moody (If you want better gameplay experience)
  • Fancy Graphics (If you want better gameplay experience)
  • Smooth Lighting (If you want better gameplay experience)
  • Only 1.10.2 And Above (This is required)
  • Music Off (Including Friendly/Hostile Creatures)


  • Detailed Levels
  • Creepy Sounds
  • Hard Puzzles
  • Dark Surroundings



Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.10.2

Author: DJ DISCO
Credits :

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