Crack the Case Map 1.10.2

Crack the Case Map 1.10.2: The agency has brought you back to find the next FlashDRIVE! There was only part of the information on the last FlashDRIVE so you must explore the kitchen to find the location of the Hackers secret Brief CASE!

You have been blasted with the atomic scaler making you only 2 inches tall yet again!

Make your way around the map doing droppers, parkour, and adventure areas! The agency will be giving helpful hints along the way again!

The EnderDRIVES have been upgraded to LaserDRIVES! The agency recieved multiple reports of agents losing their EnderDRIVES! The secondary but more impressive mission is to find as many of the LaserDRIVES as you can! There are 64LaserDRIVES scattered around the kitchen and it is up to you to find them!

Have you played the original Crack the SAFE map!? If not check out the download page here!



  • Map is now multiplayer compatible.


  • Fixed some spawning issues with initial load up of the map!



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For Minecraft 1.10.2

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