Creeper Morph Command Block 1.11/1.10.2

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Sometimes you want to become a monster that can kill others or make itself explode in Minecraft. What animals do you think? Yes, a Creeper! A disgusting monster in Minecraft, when you dig a diamond, suddenly there is a sound of “Shssss”. After that, all the diamonds are gone. To make other people feel that pain, you can use Command Block to transform into Creeper in Minecraft. Yeah, you are using Creeper Morph Command Block.

Creeper Morph Command Block Logo

Creeper Morph Command Block 1

Imagine that a creeper hold a TNT, what will it be?

Creeper Morph Command Block 2

Obviously “Boom”!

All the recipes and instructions are updated in the video below, you can watch and try to make fun with some people you hate.

Video of Creeper Morph Command Block:

Besides, you can see more some interesting Command block at here: Command Block for Minecraft

Instructions to install Creeper Morph Command Block:

  • Search code/give your name in Minecraft: command_block in the game
  • Set the command block to the ground and copy the code below, and then press “Always Active” in “Need Redstone” box.

Or you can do as instructions in the following article: How to use Command Block for Minecraft

See Creeper Morph Command Block here (Copy this code then press “Always Active” in “Need Redstone” box)

Creeper Morph Command Block 1.11/1.10.2 is a block in the Minecraft game. It is capable of running a command chain of command sequences in the data library by many different ways. The most commonly usage is by redstone. Command Blocks always have all powers to allow a certain object cannot use a command of certain pre-installation in the game (For example: It allows that object receives a fixed item without the need for all people to use the command “/give” to get whatever they want). You cannot either get Command Block in Creative Mode or manufacture in Survival Mode, you can only get Command Block by using command “/give” after you have turned on Cheat Mode. Used particularly in building several large-scale Adventure Maps and creating new functions to change the gaming experience like mod or the use of the Multiplayer server, the day Command Blocks has appeared in Minecraft will mark a new page of Minecraft history.

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