E-Snap Map 1.10

E-Snap Map is not only a parkour map, but a semi-adventure map as well.

It offers the parkour fun you want, while also incorporating a story-like structure as you progress through the map.

There are a total of 5 levels, increasing in difficulty (depending on what skills you excel in) as the levels increase by default.

Good luck and have a great time completing this map!

Highly Recommended Texture Pack: Soartex Fanver.

Map Levels:

Level 1 is a pure parkour level, testing the player’s ability to the max!

Level 2 is an underwater maze, however water breathing is given since being underwater in the dark is a large (since it is a maze) challenge.

Level 3 is a cave exploration in which the goal is to reach the end alive, which is not an easy task.

Level 4 is the grand coliseum which consists of a hybrid of parkour and combat. Pulling a lever starts the encounter, which then causes skeletons to spawn every ~1 minute, however you MUST pull the lever or the parkour will not be able to be started.

Level 5 is a bit of everything, testing your mastery of everything the previous 4 levels trained you for. It has parkour, mazes, moving bridges, combat, puzzles and a story line in which you must save the princess! But there is a catch; hints given in levels 1-4 will aid you in completing the puzzles in level 5 – and by “aid,” we mean give you the combinations! Why do they straight up give you the combinations? Because the hints are hidden!


e-snap-map e-snap-map2

Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.10


Author: POLXO
Credits : mod-minecraft.net

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