Enhanced AI Mod (1.19.3, 1.18.2) is a mod that changes the mob’s AI, trying to make them deadlier. The mod is configured to be a spice up for vanilla, setting the chances to 100% will add a true hell experience.


These are the available and planned changes:

All mobs

  • If changed via forge:attack_reach attribute, mobs can attack from farther away (e.g. like the player). Defaults to vanilla.
  • Mobs will instantly target the player instead of having a chance every tick.
  • Try to avoid explosions
  • Can see the player from 32~64 blocks away or 16~32 even without line of sight (xray) (I recommend disabling XRay and adding Zombie Awareness as it adds better ways for mobs to track you instead of just “see though walls”)
  • Can swim 2.5x faster.
  • Monsters can no longer be trapped in boats / minecarts
  • Monsters can target ladder to climb them


  • (Disabled by default) Able to use shields


  • Attack back the player (with high knockback) and no longer flee


  • Can shoot faster, more fireballs and more accurate


  • 10% chance to spawn with the Walking Fuse property. This property makes them walk while exploding instead of standing still
  • 10% chance to spawn with the Ignore Walls property. This property makes them explode even if there’s a wall between the player and the creeper
  • 7.5% chance to spawn with the Breach property. Creepers will try to create an hole in the wall to let other mobs in
  • 5% chance to spawn with the ability to Launch (they emit cloud particles when they can Launch). When in range to the player (based off the explosion power) will ignite and throw themselves to the player. At lower world difficulty the launch is less accurate and can miss the player.
    If the creeper’s both Breaching and Launching they will launch and try to breach walls, exploding on contact with them or if in range of the player.
  • 2% chance to spawn as a Creeper Cena (bigger explosion)
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  • Swimming speed is now given by the forge:swim_speed attribute instead of minecraft:generic.movement_speed, so they swim faster


  • (disabled by default) Teleports the player if can’t reach him


  • Can shoot up to 3 fireballs and have 30% chance to be able to shoot the target even if can’t see him, and will shoot much faster to breach


  • Are now able to shot the player from up to 32 blocks, are much more precise and have 50% chance to be able to run away from players that get too close. When able to flee, they have another 50% chance to shot the player while running away.
  • 33.3% chance to gain the strafing ability (by default they no longer strafe)
  • 7% chance to spawn as a Spammer. Instead of firing arrows normally they will shoot really fast without charging the bow too much.


  • 10% chance to spawn as a Web Thrower. Spiders will throw webs at the player stackingly slowing him down, or place a Cobweb if missed.
    Cave Spiders also poison the entity hit.
    Can be configured to place a cobweb at the entity hit.
  • They take -90% damage from falls.


  • Witches throw more potions, faster and farther.
    No longer chase player if they can’t see him.
    15% chance for potions to be lingering instead of splash.
    25% chance to throw a potion back to back.
    Throw slow falling potions at their feet when falling for more than 8 blocks
    Throw invisibility potions on themselves and run in a random direction if low health
  • Witches now drink more potions and milk if they have negative effects
  • 33% chance to be able to perform Dark Arts: summons and electrocutes a Villager to spawn a new Witch. During the summoning phase the Witch has 80% damage reduction.
  • Now flee from players
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  • Villagers attack back players if have low reputation.


  • 7% chance to spawn as a Mining Zombie. Let zombie break blocks to reach the player. They also get equipped with a Wooden Pickaxe. Can’t mine above the sea level by default.
  • Can now use Ender Pearls to reach the target and have 4% chance to spawn with 2 Ender Pearls.
  • Can now use Fishing rods to “fish” the target and have 7% chance to spawn with a Fishing Rod.
  • (planned) Chance to spawn as a builder. Let zombies place blocks to reach the player

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Enhanced AI Mod (1.19.3, 1.18.2) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.18.2

Forge version: Download from Server 1

For Minecraft 1.19.2

Forge version: Download from Server 1

For Minecraft 1.19.3

Forge version: Download from Server 1

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