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Extended Workbench Mod adds you the ability to create more things in the game. Extended workbench basically extends you workbench to be able to create more painful stuff like the extended sword which does 100% more damage and 50%harder. Other things like the extended pickaxe also is upgraded “a lot”, however with an equivalent exchange the extended things are also harder to make or in fact doubles the things needed to craft a normal one. To create an extended workbench is easier than killing a creeper, what you do is just to make a normal workbench and put it together! Not only those things are extended but other items like the the fishing rods, the flint and steel, and the shrears.


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An extended tool (not hoe):

  • Mines block 100% faster
  • Does 50% more damage when using as weapen
  • Has 100% more uses than a normal tool.

An extended hoe:

  • Has 100% more uses
  • Creates farmland that takes longer to turn back into dirt

An extended sword:

  • Does 100% more damage
  • Has 50% more uses
  • Mines blocks 50% faster than a normal sword.

(That it mines block 50% faster doesn’t mean you can use it as pickaxe. It means there are some blocks a sword can mine. Only these are mined faster.)

Extended Workbench Mod Recipes

Extended Workbench Mod Recipes 1

An extended piece of armor:

  • Absorbes more damage (hard to tell how much, Forge does 200 lines of calculations)
  • Lasts 50% longer than a normal piece of armor.

Even though some of these recipes fit in a 3×3 grid, they require an extended workbench.

To get an extended workbench, just place two normal workbenches next to each other.

Other tools:

An extended bow:

– shoots arrows 50% faster
– has 50% more durability
– needs 20% longer to charge than a normal bow.

Charging it for 4 more seconds will cause it to become super charged. This will make arrows fly twice as fast, but slowly damages the bow.

Extended Workbench Mod Recipes 2

An extended fishing rod:

– catches fish 20% faster
– has 50% more durability
– throws its hook 50% faster than a normal fishing rod.

It also has a 50% chance to catch cooked instead of raw fish.

Extended Workbench Mod Recipes 3

An extended flint and steel:

– has the ability to set mobs directly on fire
– lasts 50% longer
– creates fire, that burns twice as long as normal fire and is not affected by rain

Extended Workbench Mod Recipes 4

Extended shrears:

– mine blocks 50% faster
– have 50% more durability
– get 100% more drops from shearing things (like sheep, mooshrooms) than normal shears.

How much you get from shearing is still random though.

Extended Workbench Mod Recipes 5

An extended map has 5 layers.

You can zoom in and out using the + and – key.

You can put it into square update mode by putting it together with a diamond in the crafting grid. When you right click with a map in square update mode, it will become completely explored. This will make the map freeze for a few seconds. On the last layer (zoomed all the way out) it will only explore 1/16 of your map and on the second last 1/4. Exploring a too huge area at once would crash the game.

Extended Workbench Mod Recipes 6

Extended compass:

The extended compass allows you to have up to five needles at once. You can open the GUI by right clicking.

Extended Workbench Mod Recipes 7

To add a needle, you need to create a sign. On first line put the name of your needle. The second line is the color. It can be black, red, green, brown, blue, purple, cyan, silver, gray, pink, lime, yellow, lightBlue, magenta, orange, white (like wool) or hexadecimal notation. A color picker can be found here.

When you now right click the sign, you will create a needle pointing to the signs location in the selected color. After that you can remove the sign.

Examples for valid signs:

Beach  E6E65C  3rd line  4th line

(#E6E65C or 0xE6E65C works too)

 my house  blue

Extended Workbench Mod Recipes 8

NotEnoughItems Recipe + Usage Handler:

When you have NotEnoughItems installed, this mod will automatically register a recipe and usage handler. You can simply press R on the extended items to see their recipe. You can also press U on normal items and extended items will show up as possible uses.
The mods was created for NEI and CCC If you use later version, you might encounter problems.

Extended Workbench Mod Recipes 9

Mod Spotlight:

How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download the mod.
  • Click on the Start Menu in Windows.
  • Type run into the search box, and select the Run program at the top of the results.
  • Type %appdata% into the Run program, and press Enter.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into that.
  • Enjoy the mod.

Extended Workbench Mod Download Links:

Older versions:

For Minecraft 1.5.1


For Minecraft 1.5


For Minecraft 1.4.7


For Minecraft 1.4.5


For Minecraft 1.5.2

Download from Server 1

For Minecraft 1.6.2

Download from Server 1

For Minecraft 1.6.4

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

For Minecraft 1.7.2

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

For Minecraft 1.7.10

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

For Minecraft 1.10.2

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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