Finding Adventure – 300 Buttons Map 1.11.2

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Map made by: Dominicthestar and Kierewietje13

This is a extremely large find the button map with an estimate playing time of 5 hours. The map also contains an unique storyline. Fight your way through 8 different worlds, and find out how the story ends. But it’s not as easy as “just find a button” and “place it on the golden block”. No, there will be creatures trying to stop you. And at the end, there is a “little” suprise waiting for you…

As you might have read already, this map is for the biggest part a find the button map, but each world contains two bosses, so you also have to fight several times. There is also a minimum amount of parkour in the map.

The map uses a resource pack, which you can find in the map file. You can also click a link in the spawn. If you don’t equip the resource pack, the map will sometimes look REALLY strange.

Important Stuff:

  • This map can be played with up to 4 players.
  • The buttons are hidden in chests, and you have to place them on golden blocks
  • The story has 8 worlds, which in each of them 10 levels. Sometimes a world contains one EXTRA level. and the suprise at the end.
  • In some of the levels are multiple buttons.
  • In 3 cases there are 10 or more buttons in a level.



Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.11.2

Credits :

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