Frenden’s Meringued Cartoon Resource Pack 1.11.2/1.10.2

These days, Resource pack has been a very good and popular trend in game community, which tends to minimalist and texture animation. Its advantages are low and gentle resolution, running without the loaders, bright and light background, attracting many users. Now, let us take a look for a pack of this type, Frenden’s Meringued Cartoon Resource Pack 1.11.2/1.10.2.



This is an obvious resource pack bringing a medieval theme with painted squared and tough stone blocks. Wood blocks have the same structure as stone blocks, they are very clean and eye-touching, creating a smooth and soothing feeling for the visual eyes. The armors and toolkits are a little similar to the equipment of the knights at that time.


It can be said that the animated elements are shown very clearly, cheerful and highlighted colors to design the flowers gardens or lawns, fences are very easy and viral in design and block decoration and colors. However, we can see that glass block seems somewhat skewed tone (next to flower pots).


Although the resolution is only 16x, the details of leaves and vines and stalks are very clear and detailed, it seems like the author has cared very carefully by hand.
Even it shows a very good performance, this pack has some basic negative points such as: glass block was repeated quite much, somewhat flat grassland and it has an endless blue if walking in this grass without any highlights, …
In spite of these above, it does not mean we should not try to play this pack, it works very well and is incredibly beautiful and wonderful when combined with the shaders pack such as Sildur’s Shaders, SEUS, …

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This pack is compatible with minecraft version: 1.10.2/1.9.4

How to install Frenden’s Meringued Cartoon Resource Pack 1.11.2/1.10.2:

  • 1. Download your Resource Pack.
  • 2. Start > Run > %appdata%.
  • 3. Open .minecraft folder.
  • 4. Open your version folder.
  • 5. Find resourcepacks folder.
  • 6. Drag your Resource Pack your have downloaded there.
  • 7. Open Minecraft and change Resource Pack in Video setting.
  • 8. Enjoy!

Download links for Frenden’s Meringued Cartoon Resource Pack 1.11.2/1.10.2

 > for Minecraft 1.10.2 & 1.9.4

 > for Minecraft 1.11

Frenden’s Meringued Cartoon Resource Pack 1.11.2/1.10.2 is a system upgraded from the old Texture Pack system of Minecraft. It is the system allowing players to edit, create and install the “Pack” includes sound, music, textures, models, language files, end credits, splashes and fonts without editing directly into the game’s source code. Minecraft community has a large number of Designers with different levels and styles, each of them potentially bring you every new feelings. If you feel too bored with available Minecraft graphics, try some very nice Resource Packs to see the colorful diversity, which is considered as the most innovative feature in the world.

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