Frenzy Fire Map 1.10.2

Welcome to our first major minigame, FRENZY FIRE! This is a unique, one of its kind first person shooter minigame.

The first is FFA, in FFA mode you need to gain as many kills as you can in the allotted time or reach the goal set for the amount of players playing.

Players spawn randomly around the map while special gun drops spawn around the map aswell as health packs and grenades.

There is also Team Deathmatch, similar to FFA but the players are split in to 2 teams and players respawn at their teams spawn point.

Next is Capture The Flag. In this mode you need to try and grab the enemies flag and plant it at your base as a team, you can drop, return, pickup and even drive using a quad bike to the flag!

Finally, we have King Of The Hill, in this mode you need to try and keep the hill possessed by your team. The more possession you have of the hill the more points you gain to win.



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For Minecraft 1.10.2

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