Frycmod Mod [1.19.2] is aimed at slowing down progress and making the game more difficult. It adds recipe-blocking mechanics, gear upgrading, bleeding, enchantments, and new items. This mod also changes mining levels.


Slowed down progress:

  • This mod adds smithing tables which are required for crafting
  • Many items recipes are blocked until you place appropriate smithing table near crafting table
  • There are four smithing tables: Copper, Iron, Golden and Diamond:

–   Copper smithing table can be crafted with copper blocks, iron smithing table with iron blocks etc.

–   For example, to craft iron pickaxe, you have to stand near iron smithing table

–   It means that you will have to collect many ingots and diamonds before you will be able to craft diamond tools

Mining levels:

  • To mine iron, you need copper pickaxe
  • To mine gold, you need iron pickaxe
  • To mine diamonds, you need golden pickaxe

New items:

  • Added Copper items (but you already know that)
  • Added Golden items which are better than Iron items (vanilla golden items are still in game and you can obtain them in nether)
  • Added Hammers:

–   Deals more damage than sword, but less than axe

–   Has the lowest attack speed of all tools

–   Can hit many targets with one hit (like sword)

–   Attacking slows enemy down for a short time

See also  Quick Stack Mod [1.19.2]

–   They are also used for smithing

  • New armors and vanilla armors changes:

–   Copper, iron, golden, diamond and netherite armors reduces your movement speed by 3% per armor piece (12% total)

–   Added new armors that are weaker, but doesn’t slow you down and some of them has additional effects

–   Buffed and added recipe for Chainmail armor (can be crafted from chains)

  • Added Magic Scrolls:

–   Can be found in chests

–   Used for enchanting

–   Hold scroll in your off hand and item you want to enchant in main hand and use it to enchant

–   Gives only common first level enchants (like sharpness or efficiency)

  • Added Bandages
  • Added three items used for brewing Wither, Health Boost and Luck potions


  • Copper, iron and golden items can be upgraded
  • Appropriate hammer and smithing table is required to upgrade item
  • You can Reinforce and Upgrade items:

–   Reinforcing increases items mining speed, durability and damage (or attack speed)

–   Upgrading makes item almost the same like higher tier item (for example, Upgraded Copper Pickaxe works like Iron Pickaxe, but has less durability)

–   Only Reinforced items can be Upgraded

–   Golden items can be Reinforced, but can’t be Upgraded

  • Smithing recipes:

Copper Smithing Table:

Copper item + 3 Iron Nuggets –(Copper Hammer or better)–> Reinforced Copper item

Reinforced Copper item + Iron ingot –(Iron Hammer or better)–> Upgraded Copper item

Iron Smithing Table:

All previous recipes and:

Iron item + 3 Gold Nuggets –(Iron Hammer or better)–> Reinforced Iron item

Reinforced Iron item + Gold Ingot –(Golden Hammer or better)–> Upgraded Iron item

Golden Smithing Table:

All previous recipes and:

Golden item + Diamond –(Golden Hammer or better)–> Reinforced Golden item

Diamond Smithing Table:

See also  Fast Tool Switching Mod 1.15.1/1.14.4 (Remove Attack Cooldown When Switch Items)

All previous recipes and:

Diamond item + Netherite ingot –(Diamond Hammer or better)–> Netherite item

This recipe works on all smithing tables and doesn’t need hammer:

Ancient armor + Living Remains —-> Undead armor

Smithing Recipes from other mods:

If a smithing recipe from other mod uses as ingredient one of the following:

  • iron nugget,
  • iron ingot,
  • gold nugget,
  • gold ingot,
  • diamond,
  • netherite ingot

, then it requires appropriate smithing table and hammer to craft.


  • Added three enchantments (1 normal, 2 curses)
  • They are unobtainable through normal enchanting
  • How do they work:

Absorption (for chestplate only) – gives user Absorption status effect for 60 seconds after taking damage from mob

Curse of Ender (for armor) – gives player small chance of getting Ender Curse effect (which teleports you randomly in nearby places) after taking damage from mob

Curse of Flames (for weapon) – chance to ignite target. Sets YOU on fire if you hit target, that is burning


  • Taking damage from mobs gives you Bleed effect
  • Bleeding stops food healing and deals small amount of damage
  • Length of bleeding depends on damage taken and players armor
  • You can use Bandages to stop the bleeding

Mob variants:

  • Added stronger version of: skeleton, spider and zombie
  • When zombie, skeleton or spider will spawn below 26Y level, it will have a chance to convert to stronger variant
  • The chance is the higher the deeper it spawns


  • Changed villagers trade offers:

–   Removed diamond items from trade offers

–   Librarians sell enchanted books only on 4th and 5th level

–   Villagers sell copper and golden items

  • Gamerules:

–   you  can choose under which Y level monsters convert to stronger variants

See also  OpenBlocks Elevators Mod 1.17.1/1.16.5 for Minecraft

–   you can modify bleeding

–   you can modify recipe blocking mechanic

–   you can disable modified trade offers

  • Added new ore:

–   Rare

–   Spawns only in Deep Dark biome

–   Used to craft new armor (alternative to netherite armor)

  • Visual status effects when getting damage at low hp (darkness and blindness)
  • Advancements (will give you a hint how to find something or craft)


Reinforced gear

Iron items reinforced with gold nuggets


Reinforcing item

Copper pickaxe reinforced with iron nuggets

Upgrading item

Reinforced copper pickaxe upgraded with iron ingot

New ore

Spawns only in Deep Dark

Recipe doesn’t work

Diamond Smithing Table is required to craft diamond items

Recipe works

There is Diamond Smithing Table nearby

You may need:

Minecraft Forge

Fabric Modloader

Fabric API

How to install:

How To Download & Install Mods with Minecraft Forge

How To Download & Install Fabric Mods

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