Welcome to Giacomo’s Fishing Net Mod (1.19.2, 1.16.3). This isn’t a direct port of the crystals. They have been modified to look more pretty (made more transparent). The generation mimics that of amethyst geodes, but with these crystals. You can now enjoy pretty building blocks as long as you meet their exploratory needs!!


  • This mod adds the new item fishing net that can be thrown at enemies (and friends), can be placed in the water to catch fish, and more!
  • To harvest a net just break it with any tool in the main hand. Otherwise, it is possible to catch one fish at a time by right-clicking with the empty main hand.
  • The probability for nets of catching a fish depends on the number of water blocks around the net in a large radius. Therefore the best performance is obtained in open water.
  • Fishing nets can be enchanted with the luck of the sea, lure, or unbreaking and it is possible to apply some baits to the placed ones.


Giacomo’s Fishing Net

Fishing dock

In the deep sea there are fishing nets in action!

A simple net

A simple net just below the surface. Not very efficient.

fishing nets in the swimming pool

fishing nets in the desert

Fishing nets also work in the desert!

Home sweet Home!

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Home wet Home!

Crafting Fishing Nets

Crafting Strings

Old rendering system

Two crossed textures are drawn inside the net, indicating the number of entangled fish but not the type

New rendering system

All the items contained in the nets are drawn one by one with a floating effect. This could slow down the client.

Old vs New Rendering system

On the left you can see the old rendering system: Crossed Textures. You see four objects but not what objects they are. On the right you can see the new rendering system: Floating Items. You can see exactly all the floating items contained.

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Giacomo’s Fishing Net Mod (1.19.2, 1.16.3) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.12.2

Forge version: Download from Server 1

For Minecraft 1.19.2

Forge version: Download from Server 1

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