The Illusion Bot Map 1.11.2

The Illusion Bot Map 1.11.2 : You are kidnapped by an evil bot, known as BOT-5006. He has one goal: destroying the planet, but only if humans are worthless.

You don’t know who you are, or how you got here. But there is one thing you do know: you need to proof that humans aren’t worthless.

Complete the tests this evil bot has set up for you, and proof that humans aren’t worthless! But be aware: walls will appear and disappear, rooms will change and turn upside down. And remember: Fail 2 tests, and the world is doomed.

Can you save the world?


  • he map is single player only!
  • Use the default resource pack!

Additional Info:

The map has 3 different endings: bad, neutral and good. It took me around 30 hours to build this map, and I put a lot of effort into this! So a comment is appreciated! The playtime is around 15 minutes for the bad ending, 20 minutes for the neutral ending and 25 minutes for the good ending. And yes, BOT-5006 is inspired from PAMA in Minecraft: story mode



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For Minecraft 1.11.2

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