Welcome to L2 Complements Mod (1.20.1, 1.19.4). This isn’t a direct port of the crystals. They have been modified to look more pretty (made more transparent). The generation mimics that of amethyst geodes, but with these crystals. You can now enjoy pretty building blocks as long as you meet their exploratory needs!!


Adds enchantments, endgame items and gears, also is a prerequisite for L2 Archery and L2 Weaponry. Many of the endgame items are easier to obtain with L2Archery, but is still possible without it.


Totemic Gold

  • Totemic gold equipments have iron trait and gold mining speed / enchant-ability
  • Special ability: All equipments heal you when the equipment is damaged. Armor heal player passively (configurable)
  • Deals extra damage against undead mobs
  • Immunity: Wearing any piece of the armor makes you immune to wither, poison, and hungry effect
  • As you know, the durability cost for armor is damage / 4, so if you wear full totemic gold armor, you will heal the same damage you took (except 0-3 rounding errors), which is very powerful. If you enchant protection, you will heal more than the damage you take. (You heal before taking damage) This armor pairs well with Durable Armor enchantment, but doesn’t pair well with Hardened enchantment.


  • Poseidite equipments have diamond trait.
  • Deals extra damage against water sensitive and water based mobs
  • Immunity: Wearing any piece of the armor makes you immune to mining fatigue
  • Special Ability: When user is in rain or water, armor toughness, armor value, movement speed, swim speed, attack, attack speed, will all get a significant boost (see each item)


  • Shulkerate equipments have diamond trait.
  • Shulkerate tools increase your reach and attack range by 1 block
  • All shulkerate equipments have absurdly high durability, and can take at most 1 durability cost at a time (also available as Hardened enchantment)
  • When player receives invisibility effect, shulkerate armor and tools will be invisible as well (also available as Transparent enchantment)
See also  Upgraded Tools Mod (1.19.2, 1.18.2)


  • Sculkium equipments have trait beyond netherite. Full set gives 30 armor points and 16 toughness (netherite has 20/12)
  • Sculkium armors increase player movement speed, attack speed, and health. Battle like a warden!
  • Immunity: Wearing any piece of the armor makes you immune to Darkness, Blind, Nausea, Weakness, Slowness, and Mining Fatigue effect.
  • Sculkium tools break all blocks at the same speed, except unbreakable blocks. You can mine obsidian as fast as stone
  • When wearing full set of sculkium armors (or armors with Dampened enchantment), your action will not create vibrations (indirect actions still would)
  • In ModularGolems, Sculkium large golem can deal sonic boom attack.


  • Eternium equipments have diamond traits.
  • All Eternium equipments have infinite durability.
  • It’s not that necessary to make Eternium equipments as it’s very expensive, but if you ever want an infinite durability equipment, either for mob farms or for enchantment holder, this is your choice.
  • In ModularGolems, Eternium golem have infinite health. Invincible!

Potion Effects

  • Frost – Freeze as if the entity is in powder snow, and slow down the entity
  • Soul Burning – Deal fire damage to mobs, and magic damage to fire immune mobs. Deal no damage to mobs with fire resistance or water-sensitive fire immune mobs such as blaze.
  • Incarceration – Make the entity cannot move at all – not even falling down
  • Armor Corrosion – Significantly reduce armor points
  • Cursed – Make the entity cannot heal
  • Cleansed – Clear all “real” potion effects and make the entity cannot receive any effects for a period of time
  • Bleed (not a real effect) – make the entity move and attack slower, and cause damage every 3 seconds. Can stack up to higher levels.
  • Emerald Splash (not a real effect) – Meme effect, deal damage to all surrounding enemies as if you attack them.
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All enchantments are only obtainable trough craft table. You won’t be able to get them through enchantment table or villager trading. Powerful enchantments require very hard to obtain materials in this mod.

  • Ender Reach – the item you obtain by breaking blocks will teleport to you
  • Smelt – The items you obtain by breaking blocks will be automatically smelt. Works on items in chests as well!
  • Durable Armor – Increase Armor durability. Note that Unbreaking is not very effective on armors. Durable Armor is not compatible with Unbreaking. Durable Armor provides the same durability boost for armor as Unbreaking on tools. It’s basically a fix of unbreaking on armor.
  • Ender Mask – not trigger endermen when looking at them
  • Shinny – make piglins neutral. Also make the armor a trading currency
  • Snow Walker – allow you to walk on powder snow
  • Soul Bound – keep it in your inventory when you die
  • Life Sync – not it doesn’t cost durability, but your health. Works great with TwilightForest’s glass sword
  • Transparent – when you get invisibility effect, the item will be invisible as well
  • Stable Body – when you take damage, your screen won’t shake
  • Dampened – when wearing full dampened armors, your direct actions won’t produce vibrations (be cautious about indirect vibrations still)
  • Wind Sweep – increase sword’s sweeping hit box
  • Hardened – the item will take at most 1 durability cost
  • Ice Blade – inflict Forst effect on attack
  • Ice Thorn – inflict Forst effect when attacked
  • Soul Flame Blade – inflict Soul Burning effect on attack
  • Soul Flame Thorn – inflict Soul Burning effect when attacked
  • Cursed Blade – inflict Curse effect on attack
  • Sharp Blade – stack Bleeding effect on attack
  • Projectile Reject – immune and repel projectiles
  • Fire Reject – immune to fire damage
  • Explosion Reject – immune to explosion damage
  • Environment Reject – immune to environment damage
  • Magic Reject – immune to magic damage
  • Owner Protection – immune to damage caused by entities you summon
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Creative-only Enchantments:

  • Invincible – you take absolutely no damage
  • Eternal – item will have infinite durability

Totemic Gold

Heal player when durability is reduced. Armors would heal player slowly (configurable)


Give players significant boosts when player is in water or rain

Very high durability, not easily damaged (will take at most 1 durability loss at a time).


Very high stats. Tools mine all breakable blocks with the same speed. Also hide with invisibility effect (0.2.7+)


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L2 Archery

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L2 Library

Modular Golems

The Twilight Forest

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