Lab Rat Map 1.11.2

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Lab Rat Map 1.11.2 Finally, after a long time, I finished this map, not so much time like this…

And we have the things that I like the most! Parkour and Puzzles! Taking away the part of parkour…

The map has a history, and has around 1 hour, but it is not that big…

  • Play only in Gamemode 2 (Adventure Mode), change only when the map allows you
  • Play only in version 1.11.2
  • Can be played in Multiplayer (Two Players), I recommend playing in Singleplayer (One Player)
  • Map requires no texture pack
  • Map of Puzzle and Parkour…


You are stuck in a complex, and to get out of there, you will need to go through challenges, and parkour, but, what are you doing there? And how did you get there?

You’re trapped just like a lab rat running tests for the fun of the people you’re there…



Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.11.2

Credits :

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