The Lady and The Tiger Map 1.11.2

The Lady and The Tiger Map 1.11.2 : Welcome to “The Lady and The Tiger”.

This map challenges your skill to reason logically through 12 unique puzzles separated into 4 groups. In each puzzle you are given a choice between 2 or more doors. Each door has a sign above it with a statement. Gilbert, your friendly helper, will tell you how to interpret the signs.

In each level you are playing as a different Minecraft Youtuber, who is trying to earn his freedom by choosing the right door. In all cases, you will be trying to go through the door with the Lady, if you fail to do so, you will get eaten by a Tiger.

Each of your fails are tallied and the King will know how many times you failed after each day of trials.


  • This map version does not support multiple players.
  • Every level in the map is solvable with the information that Gilbert gives you, and the signs above the doors.
  • Special thanks to MiahWolf for the art!



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