LakeShore Map 1.8

LakeShore Map is a modern 5 bedroom 6 bathroom home adjacent to its own private lake. Detached Garage offers parking for four vehicles and has a lounge area and an additional garage is attached to the home for convenience.

LakeShore has two pools, and one hot-tub as well as various outdoor seating and lawn areas. A massive dining area invites guests to enjoy great food and stunning views of the lake.

LakeShore also offers 2 hidden rooms, although they are both still under construction. The main secret room functions as a panic room and has 2 bedrooms, a dining and kitchen area, a lounge, a pool, and is undergoing expansion to add more living space. This panic room features a skylight with a large blast door to close in emergencies.

Flows HD and a compatible Shaderpack are recommended to fully enjoy LakeShore.



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For Minecraft 1.8

Author: YO DAWG
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