Lost Eclipse Mod 1.11.2

Lost-Eclipse.pngLost Eclipse is an immersive, challenging adventure mod focused on bringing a unique story into Minecraft, accompanied by many, many new features. Professionally built from the ground up, Lost Eclipse will add tons of content for you to explore, such as an expansive story and quest line, challenging monsters and bosses, legendary loot, powerful weaponry, and many more custom mechanics and features.

Lost Eclipse is more than just a bunch of content packaged together like most adventure mods – it is filled with quality and meaningful content, creating one of the most immersive adventure mods ever to be created.




Minecraft Forge

Lost Eclipse Mod Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
Lost Eclipse-1.11.2-pre1- Beta 1.11.2 Feb 26, 2017
Lost Eclipse-1.11.2-pre1- Beta 1.11.2 Feb 19, 2017
Lost Eclipse-1.11.2-pre1- Beta 1.11.2 Feb 18, 2017

Author: TheXFactor117, Ithronyar

Credits : mod-minecraft.net

5/5 - (22 votes)

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