Modified TNT Wars: Fire and Ice Map 1.11.2

Modified TNT Wars: Fire and Ice Map 1.11.2 “MODIFIED TNT Wars: Fire V Ice” is a map taking TNT Wars to the next level. Inspired by PrestonPlayz and LandonMC’s Modded TNT Wars, this map gives players a chance to hurl 12 unique kinds of TNT at your opponent. Simply place the modifier in front of the cannon and your opponent will having much more to fear than blowing up!

There are 6 different maps, all having regenerative properties via a reset button in the stage select portion of the Lobby, so you can play a favorite map over and over again. The Self regulated rules gives a chance for players to create their own rules and not be held back by a death limit if a player accidentally falls off the map, or the OP-ness of an item/modifier.


Each Modifier provides a unique set of effects, which can be used for unlimited strategies! As the modifiers affect all TNT within a 1 block radius, only one needs to be used per shot, and multiple fired in sequence can create devastating combos!

Here are a few of the modifiers you will see in game:

  • Lightning Modifier: Summons bolts of lightning upon explosion
  • Implosion Modifier: Sucks in all activated TNT to the explosion
  • Ender Modifier: Teleports all players within the blast radius to the center of explosion

Game Variants:

You can use the modifiers to create interesting battles, such as:

  • Pull 3-4 modifiers out of a hat, Only use these.
  • Pick a modifier, then give one to your opponent to use, vise versa.
  • Only allowed one of each modifier
  • etc.
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Important Notes:

  • Using 2 or more Modifiers on the same shot is possible but not advised, the multiple Modifications can mess with the TNT Mechanics and either cause bugs or in best case cause one not to do anything.
  • Don’t place the modifier too close to your launcher TNT, or it will modify it as well.
  • Special Thanks to MiahLani and SupirQbirt for helping out with the ideas, pixel art, and balances.



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