Moo Fluids Mod 1.10.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

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Moo Fluids is a mod that can dynamically add a Cow entity for each fluid in the FluidRegistry. What this means is that whether it be vanilla or a mod, if it has some kind of fluid (such as Lava) then it will can have an equivilant cow form.

Cow Features:

  • Fluid randomly selected.
  • When you right click the cow with an empty fluid container (bucket, cell, etc) it will attempt to give you a filled version of that container.
  • When you right click the cow with a full fluid container (bucket, cell, etc) it will attempt to heal the cow and remove the fluid from the container.
  • When you right click the cow with an item it will check to see if that is the correct breeding item for the cow and set the cow to “breeding mode”
  • Certain cows (if the right mods are installed) will be able to breed with other types of cow with different fluids to produce new Cows with set fluids… (e.g. Cobalt Cow + Ardite Cow = Manyullyn Cow)
  • If a Cow’s fluid is three times more dense then lava, the Cow will not be able to swim.
  • If a Cow’s fluid is the same temperature (or hotter) than lava, the Cow will set you on fire when you touch it or punch it with an empty hand (configurable).
  • A Cow may only be bucketed when it is an adult, and there is a cooldown (configurable) between when you can interact with it (with right click).


  • 3 Leather + 2 String + 2 Iron ingots = Saddle (can enable/disable in configs, off by default)

Config options:

  • The individual Cow breeding item (item ID followed by item metadata).
  • The individual Cow dropped item, on death (item ID followed by item metadata).
  • The individual Cow grow up time (The time taken for the Cow to become an adult, in ticks).
  • The individual Cow interaction cooldown time (The time between when you can attempt to right click the Cow to interact with it).
  • Whether the Cow can spawn or not.
  • The global spawn rarity of ALL Cows.
  • The individual spawn rarity of a Cow.
  • Whether saddles can be made or not.



Moo Fluids Mod Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
MooFluids-1.10.2- Beta 1.10.2 Feb 12, 2017
MooFluids-1.9- Beta 1.9.4 Feb 12, 2017
MooFluids-1.8.9- Beta 1.8.9 Mar 21, 2016
MooFluids-1.7.10- Release 1.7.10 Jan 20, 2015
MooFluids-1.7.2- Release 1.7.2 Jan 17, 2015

Author: TheRoBrit

Credits :

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