MowLib Drops Mod (1.19.2) is a collection of code, frameworks, utilities, and other resources. Many mods utilize MowLib’s code base to power their own mod.


For Players:

While this mod is primarily for mod authors, there are a few useful features for Players.

  • In a Block coloring system, Craft a Color Applicator and apply its selected color to blocks
  • Additional recipes for making campfires, no crafting table required!

For Modders:

  • Custom Color Handling System
  • Lots of useful support/util methods
  • Some default crafting handlers that can be used to convert materials, or craft things in world


Jei Integration: Entity Filters

Mow Lib gives options for filtering mobs, while its not available by default, both Pedestals and Effect Scrolls mods use this feature.

Jei Integration: Dual Handed Crafting

MowLib adds Dual Handed Crafting, and most of the dependent mobs use this feature.

Jei Integration: Workstation/Machine Base Crafting

All the custom in world built machines are crafted from right clicking a base block with a specific item.

Jei Integration: Effect Crafting

Both Positive and Negative effects can change from pack to pack, by checking an effect catalyst, one can see which effect is associated with which color.

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How to install:

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MowLib Drops Mod (1.19.2) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.19.2

Forge version: Download from Server 1

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