NuclearCraft Mod 1.7.10

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NuclearCraft-Mod NuclearCraft Mod 1.7.10

NuclearCraft Mod provides you with nuclear physics and aims to bring relativistic, quantum and particle physics in Minecraft. In my opinion, this mod is the best way for you to feel relaxed after a hard working or studying. Surely, you will experience the new feelings and moments in Minecraft.


  • A modern physics Forge mod for Minecraft
  • Redstone Flux compatibility
  • Large, Complex Multiblock Fission Reactors
  • Epic Multiblock Fusion reactors
  • Huge, Late-Game Multiblock Particle Accelerators
  • In-depth nuclear fuel system featuring 40 different fuel types
  • Complex fusion system of 7 fuels and 28 fuel combinations
  • Unique electric machines and generators
  • 5*5 Crafting System
  • More ores and materials
  • Additional weapons, tools and armour
  • Full NEI compatibility
  • Support for a few of the biggest tech mods
  • Lots more


  • Realistic Quantum Physics
  • Particle Colliders
  • Advanced Particle Detectors
  • New Era Machines:
  • Neutron Bombarder
  • Antimatter Factory
  • Quantum Computer
  • Mass-Energy Materialiser
  • Decay Channeller
  • Quantum NanoFarms
  • Other Awesome Stuff


NuclearCraft-Mod-1 NuclearCraft Mod 1.7.10  NuclearCraft-Mod-2 NuclearCraft Mod 1.7.10  NuclearCraft-Mod-3 NuclearCraft Mod 1.7.10  NuclearCraft-Mod-4 NuclearCraft Mod 1.7.10  NuclearCraft-Mod-5 NuclearCraft Mod 1.7.10  NuclearCraft-Mod-6 NuclearCraft Mod 1.7.10  NuclearCraft-Mod-7 NuclearCraft Mod 1.7.10


Minecraft Forge

NuclearCraft Mod Download Links:

File NameStatusGame VersionDate
NuclearCraft-1.9eRelease1.7.10Jan 6, 2017
NuclearCraft-1.9Release1.7.10Jul 28, 2016

Author: TLJGames

Credits :

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