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If you have ever felt lonely in minecraft, then your tiny pet buddy will be there to make you feel less lonely! He can carry stuff around for you, fight with you if you give him the tools to do so. And this is Pet Buddy Mod for you.

If you don’t want him to look like you, you can even change his appearance !

How to get your own Pet Buddy

As you join your minecraft world, you will find yourself accompanied by a tiny you !
Look down at your feet and you can see him looking around at the new world he just joined.

[NEW] : would you wish to not have your pet near you for a while, you can stow him, (or summon him back) when using ‘P’ on your keyboard !

What my Buddy can do

In the beginning, not much. He’ll follow you around, a bit lost.

Give him a chest however, and you’ll find him wanting to keep some stuff for you !

Pet your Buddy (right click him) and see what he has got in store for you :


Your buddy can store up to 12 items for you !

He keeps them in the chest you gave him !
He can’t hold a lot hough… he’s but a Tiny Buddy !

You could also equip him with a piece of armour, or a weapon !

He has a tiny body, so only a helmet would fit…
And he wont accept anything other then swords… what a picky buddy you got !

If you give him a sword, he’ll fight of mobs together with you.
Go get him pal !!

Must your buddy be weary from combat …

Heal your Pet Buddy !

Your Pet Buddy might be picky when it comes to swords and carrying items…
But not when it comes to food ! He’ll eat about everything you can eat as well !

My Buddy died in combat !

If your buddy happens to die, fear not. He’ll be back !
It takes a buddy from 5 to 15 minutes tops to respawn at your feet.
Be carefull of your pal, he’ll need you as much as you need him !

Carry him around !

With a saddle in hand, right click your pet, and carry it arround on your head wherever you go !
To let your buddy get off your head, sneak, and right click it again to make it come down.

One last thing…

As you might have noticed, there’s one last slot left, under the Helmet and Sword slot …

How to change your buddy’s appearance

Pop in an item in the last slot in his armor inventory, and find out what he’ll turn into !

Most of the items are pretty logical :

An ink sac

Any piece of wool

A named name tag ! (Hi Grian!)

A… cookie … ?

Here’s a list of all currently available mobs, listed with their item !
(note : current list is for pre-release. more soon !)

  • Sheep : wool (colored wool will color your sheep)
  • Mooshroom : red or browmn mushroom
  • Cow : leather
  • Pig : (raw) porkchop
  • Chicken : feather
  • Squid : ink sac
  • Bat : cookie
  • Polar Bear : Salmon or Cod
  • Villager : book
  • Iron Golem : red flower
  • Snow Man : snow block
  • Rabbit : rabbit foot (random texture)
  • Ocelot/Cat : cooked salmon or cod (random texture)
  • Wolf : bone
  • Zombie : rotten flesh (random texture)
  • Skeleton : arrow
  • Spider : string or a spider eye
  • Cave Spider : fermented spider eye
  • Ghast : ghast tear
  • Blaze : blaze rod or -powder
  • Enderman : ender pearl or -eye
  • Creeper : gunpowder
  • Endermite : end stone
  • Silverfish : stone brick
  • Witch : any potion
  • Zombie Pigman : nether warth

Special :

  • Friend : a named name tag. Your tiny you will get the skin from the player’s name !

Model Complications

Since minecraft 1.8, the Alex skin and player model was introduced, having slightly smaller arms then her male counterpart steve.
For some internal code reason, this defaults to either one or the other, as long as the info cannot be retrieved from the internet. sadly enough, there seems to be no way of getting that information after the game has started.
To fix this when giving your buddy another skin, a small button will appear in the bottom of your gui, enabling you to toggle between alex and steve models accordingly.

Pet Buddies Mod Videos:


Minecraft Forge

Pet Buddy Mod Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
petbuddy-1.11- Release 1.11 Dec 21, 2016
petbuddy-beta-1.10.2- Release 1.10.2 Nov 13, 2016
petbuddy-1.10.2- Release 1.10.2 Oct 14, 2016

Credits: senpaisubaraki

Credits :

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