Pokemon Red Map 1.11.2

Pokemon Red Map 1.11.2 is a full recreation of Pokémon Red in Vanilla Minecraft using only command blocks and a resource pack.

I have done my best to incorporate all of the original game’s features, along with a few iconic bugs (most notably MissingNo/’M and item duplication).

The project took around 21 months to complete, and uses over 357,000 command blocks.

The map may be played in both singleplayer and multiplayer, although only one player can control the game at a time.

Notes Before Playing:

  • Minimum render distance – 16 chunks; Optimal render distance – 24 chunks; If you are exploring the command blocks, increasing your render distance will reduce lag.
  • MAKE REGULAR BACKUPS! Despite my best efforts, there will be bugs. Back up your world save so that you can revert if you encounter any issues!
  • Save the game in the start menu before logging off. Logging off during dialog, menus, battles, or cutscenes may break the game.
  • Dedicate 2GB of RAM (In the launcher, select Launch Options, click on the 1.11 profile that you use, enable the slider for “JVM arguments”, and change “-Xmx1G” to -Xmx2G”)
  • If using Optifine, disable connected textures to prevent a conflict with retextured glass blocks.



Map Trailer:

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For Minecraft 1.11.2


Credits : mod-minecraft.net

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