Prefab Mod 1.11.2/1.10.2/1.9.4


Prefab Mod will interest players who really love designing and construction. This mod performs a collection of functional and aesthetic buildings that you can take straight from the crafting table and put them in your own world.  Whether you haven’t got the time, patience or will, we have got some useful structures that are guaranteed to satisfy yourself.

This mod is a spinoff of the basic house; previously a part of WuestUtilities. It is meant to be a companion to WuestUtilities, but works just fine without it.  More structures are being developed and added as the mod progresses. Let’s be on the lookout.

Current Structures Include:

Configurable Starter House – Tired of spending your first day or two just trying to lock down the basics of survival?  This handy little item simply requires you only provide one thing.  A location!  Tools, Food and Shelter, in one convenient quick start package.  Perfect for players that want to get a jumpstart on their survival games.

Warehouse – This is a mid to late game structure which will contain all of your storage and vanilla machine needs. There’s a lot of materials needed for the crafting recipe but it will be worth it.

Chicken Coup – A place for your chickens to call home!


Produce Farm – A lit, tilled field with irrigation and fencing, for all of your various crop needs.
“spoiler-button-wrapper”>Tree Park – A park-like setting for planting/farming/cultivating your trees!

Mod Plans

Upgraded Warehouse – Same as the warehouse, but the top floor is populated with enchanting tables, armor stands, brewing stands and anvils.

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Alternate Player Housing – Featuring the same basic amenities of the existing starter house, in a different design package



Minecraft Forge

Prefab Mod Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
prefab- Release 1.11.2 Feb 26, 2017
prefab- Release 1.10.2 Feb 24, 2017
prefab-1.10- Release 1.10 Feb 12, 2017

Author: WuestMan

Credits :

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