Presentable Liberty Map 1.11.2

Presentable Liberty Map 1.11.2 You have been imprisoned without being told why. All you can hear day in day out is the faint ticking of a clock in your cell. That is, until the first of 5 fateful days begins.

Based on the original indie game, this map is a complete port of Wertpol’s Masterpiece, complete with updated graphics, 4 unique minigames, 275+ block and item models, and all taking place in the same restrictive 2×3 meter room.


  • 250+ letters delivered under your door
  • 4 contacts to the outside world
  • A virus destroying humanity
  • Posters and gifts from various friends
  • A deep and emotional single player story
  • 2 hours of *riveting* content
  • 4 unique mini-games to keep you sane
  • Photo-realistic scenery and over 275 custom models
  • 6 blocks of freedom



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For Minecraft 1.11.2

Author: AWESOME_1
Credits :

5/5 - (22 votes)

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