Quarantine Map 1.11.2

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Quarantine Map 1.11.2 is an adventure mode map that follows a linear path, similar to the Half-Life series. My goal was to make an interesting journey to escape a devastated setting, with whatever world building and immersion I could add in while keeping things somewhat realistic (as much as you can get in this game anyway). It’s my first map, and certain areas were built a VERY long time ago, but I hope you find that overall its an entertaining and enjoyable play.

Based on my friends’ feedback, the map may last from 4 – 7 hours, and I suggest playing it in two sessions rather than all at once.


This map features some cursing, flickering lights, and some areas with a fair bit of redstone going on. If you are epileptic or on a less powerful machine, keep this in mind.


There are a number of mobs to fight; some being custom equipped and some being scripted encounters.

If you die, there are 18 checkpoints throughout the map you’ll be sent back to. I’d have loved to make respawning easier, but since a majority of the gameplay is in the Nether, it just wouldn’t be feasible putting in a respawn point everywhere convenient.

Hunger is a factor, and you will have to make use of food found in the map. There’s a number of potions hidden in remote areas to help too, should you find them.

There are 33 (34 if you cheat) books and written books littered throughout the map that you can collect using the Ender Chest if you feel like it. (Reading. *+1 sin*)

There is a resource pack included with the map that contains a number of sound and music files, but they are only used for ambiance purposes.

No mods are required.


If you find you don’t want to use this, that’s fine, I know the feeling. Commands are enabled in the map and you are free to bypass something with creative or spectator mode, but be sure to go back to adventure mode when you’re done. A lot of redstone in the map looks for adventure mode players.


The map was primarily designed to be singleplayer. If you choose to play multiplayer, be warned that certain things may not work properly and you’ll probably have to tp each other around a time or two, so I wouldn’t recommend it unless you really want to.


If you encounter anything that I overlooked that can break the game, anything that the latest version of Minecraft breaks, or a way to escape the room boundaries, please let me know and I’ll take care of it. I pored over this for many hours hoping to debug everything possible, but I’m sure there’s something nasty waiting to be discovered one day.

I know that sometimes certain sounds will stop playing, such as the player’s hurt noise, but this appears to be an issue with Minecraft itself caused by long distance teleports.


This map started quite a while ago, and I’ve been plugging away at it every now and then whenever I got particularly motivated.

The plot of having a city get trapped in the Nether was an original idea, though I fear someone else may have used it at some point by now.

Basically, when the Nether was added to multiplayer back in 2010 or whenever, portals did not work. The game had a workaround though: a setting in the server properties would change the world to be set in the Nether. Naturally, my friends messed around with this and put our Earth dimension into the Nether directory. Lo and behold, doing this put our lovely cities into a red purgatory with decaying pig creatures and explosive jellyfish overrunning the place. We enjoyed this a lot, using it to simulate some kind of apocalyptic scenario to play around with for a while, before turning our maps back to normal. I came to really like this idea, and made this map around that.

I later made a bet that I’d get it done this year.



Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.11.2


Credits : mod-minecraft.net

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