Raged Memory Parkour Map 1.11.2

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Raged Memory Parkour is a parkour map with a special twist. As stated in the name, you must memorize where to jump.

Each level gets progressively harder with more to memorize and more difficult jumps. Jumps reach max level of level 6-7 difficulty, but that’s not what causes the rage.

You must not only memorize where to jump, but what you jump on! There are 9 different block types from levitation to anti-crouch, creating a more challenging atmosphere!

The map also introduces and helps build a parkour skill of precision jumping, being able to locate a block based on memory and feel.

Forget where the blocks are? Don’t worry! pressing the replay button at the beginning will give you a second (or infinite) chance to look at the blocks again, but your retry will be tallied.


  • 12 unique levels with increasing difficulty!
  • 9 different types of blocks!
  • 30 min+ of rage induced fun!
  • Fun heads to choose from!
  • Difficulty of Jumps 6-7!
  • Rage level potentially over 10!

Important Note:

  • This map is for single player only
  • All levels are possible and have been tested (even Level 7… that one is tough)
  • If you are feeling the rage coming on, a break is suggested, as you do worse at parkour the more angered you are.



Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.11.2


Credits : mod-minecraft.net

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