Random Decorative Things Mod 1.11/1.10.2



Random Decorative Things Mod is here to add decorative blocks (maybe items in the future) to the world of Minecraft. I hope this mod will interest you because of all the attractive factors.

See also: Decorative Marble and Decorative Chimneys




Minecraft Forge

Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
RandomDecorativeThings-0.0.4.jar Beta 1.11 Nov 17, 2016
RandomDecorativeThings-0.0.4.jar Beta 1.10.2 Nov 15, 2016
RandomDecorativeThings-0.0.3.jar Beta 1.10.2 Oct 24, 2016
RandomDecorativeThings-0.0.2.jar Beta 1.10.2 Oct 21, 2016
RandomDecorativeThings-0.0.1.jar Beta 1.10.2 Oct 20, 2016

Author: mrbysco

Credits : mod-minecraft.net

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