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Real Filing Cabinet Mod is a storage mod with a variety of usefulness and resourcefulness. Unlike many other storage mods, it does not offer a solution to storing many different things. But what it can store will be able to store a large amount to the point of limitless storage.

The Filing Cabinet:

  • The filing cabinet block itself is simple to make. It has 8 inventory slots to store things in, but they accept only filing folders that have things inside of them. You can open and close the cabinet with an empty hand. Right-clicking with a (non empty) folder will store it in the filing cabinet. Shift-right clicking an open cabinet with an empty hand will take a folder out of it.
  • The filing cabinet can be broken with any pickaxe, and it will keep its contents. You can carry it around portals, and also any existing upgrades on them will drop as a separate item.
  • A filing cabinet will only accept filing folders when it is opened. You can insert valid items/blocks into the cabinet at any time as long as it is holding a folder that accepts that item. Item extraction from a filing cabinet is possible by adding a filter onto it via item frame above the block facing the same way. If you know your JABBA and Storage Drawers, you know how to store and retrieve items. Automation will follow the rules of this filter too. Item Filter setup is below:

Item Filter:


By setting it up this way, you can make item extractions possible, manually and automatically. You make sure the item frame is facing the same direction as the filing cabinet is. An empty item frame means nothing will be extracted from the cabinet at all.

The Basic Items:

  • Magnifying Glass will show you the contents of a filing cabinet containing filing folders. It is also useful for removing upgrades with. If you have WAILA or The One Probe installed, you can use those to display the contents instead and disable that function for the magnifying glass in config.
  • Whiteout Tape will wipe the information from a folder that contains 0 items or blocks, emptying them for re-use.
  • Master Key is used to lock your filing cabinets with. Other players will be unable to extract/insert or open/close your filing cabinets.
  • Key Copy: Right-clicking your locked filing cabinets with this will create a “copy” of your master key. Giving this key to other players will let them modify your filing cabinets as long as they have it in their inventory. They still cannot unlock your filing cabinets like the Master Key can.
  • Filter: An arrow shaped item you can place in an item frame above your filing cabinets. Depending on the item’s rotation in the frame, it will let you extract from the slot it is “pointing” at. Default rotation will point at slot 0 if it’s pointing straight down, slot 4.

The Filing Folders:

When being the heart of the mod, folders enables you to carry around or store in the cabinets themselves. They are able to carry more items or blocks than you will practically need. There are 3 different folders you can craft that have different functions:

  • Filing Folder: This is a normal filing folder. It will only accept items and blocks that can stack together. Items that can be damaged/repaired cannot be accepted into it. That it shapelessly crafts the empty folder with an item/block to return a filing folder can be stored in a filing cabinet.
  • Durability Folder: This is the opposite of the previous folder. It can store items that can be damaged/repaired. So armor/tools/weapons can be stored in it. It shapelessly crafts an undamaged item with the durability folder. After that, it can accept damaged items of the same type into it. Any more damaged items that go into the folder will merge with the other damaged items, repairing it as if it was shapelessly repaired in the vanilla crafting window.
  • Mob Folder: After crafting the empty mob folder, right-clicking any non-boss/non-child mob with it will draw them into the folder creating a new mob storage folder. Clicking again on a block will release that mob.

The Upgrades:

Even a filing cabinet without a practical storage limit can have upgrades. Right-clicking a cabinet while you are holding an upgrade will set them to that upgrade. You can remove an upgrade from the filing cabinet by shift+leftclicking it with a Magnifying Glass. Filing cabinets that already have an upgrade will not accept another, with one exception. Here are some of their abilities:

  • Creative Upgrade is obtainable in creative mode. It allows infinite item extraction from any folder stored in it. This is the only upgrade that can be applied to any filing cabinet that do or do not have an upgrade already applied.
  • Crafting Upgrade: Setting this upgrade will make the cabinet try to auto-craft an item that is in the Item Filter. The crafting ingredients to auto-craft an item must be provided by the folders that contain those ingredients.
  • Ender Upgrade is functionally the same as a normal filing cabinet. Once applied, you cannot modify the contents of the filing cabinet until you remove the upgrade to be able to do so. Any folders you take out of the filing cabinet are simplycopies of it, and what that folder copy can do is keep its contents synced with the filing cabinet it was taken from.
  • OreDict Upgrade gives the filing cabinet ore dictionary capabilities once applied. A folder containing Oak Wood will accept Spruce Planks, and Tin ingots from a mod will accept Tin ingots from another mod. This can work the other way, using the Item Filter.
  • Mob Upgrade: Applying this to a filing folder will have it behave differently depending on what mob is colliding with it. If a mob collides with the filing cabinet, and it contains a Mob Folder that can store that mob, the mob will disappear, being sucked into the folder automatically. This upgrade does not do anything different for folders that aren’t Mob Folders.


Minecraft Forge

Real Filing Cabinet Mod Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
realfilingcabinet-1.10.2-1.0.2.jar Release 1.10.2 Nov 19, 2016
realfilingcabinet-1.10.2-1.0.0.jar Release 1.10.2 Nov 14, 2016

Author: bafomdad

Credits :

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