Sad Panda Adventures 2 Map 1.10.2


Sad Panda Adventures 2 is a new cute rail shooter map which involves riding different types of pandas while shooting enemies, manipulating the environment, and shooting chests to obtain awesome loot! Get your bow ready for this one!

First map: Sad Panda Adventures


  • Rail shooter style map
  • 6 different levels to beat
  • Inspired by Pokemon Snap
  • You get to ride different types of pandas
  • 5 different panda classes in total, 4 of which need to be unlocked
  • Some story elements
  • Tons of loot to shoot for in each level, including custom model weapons, hats, and pandas!
  • Each level ends telling you how much loot in total you’ve found
  • Has custom music and custom models with the resource pack
  • Multiple difficulties
  • Around 200 hours in development


sad-panda-adventures-2-1 Sad Panda Adventures 2 Map 1.10.2
sad-panda-adventures-2-2 Sad Panda Adventures 2 Map 1.10.2
sad-panda-adventures-2-3 Sad Panda Adventures 2 Map 1.10.2

Map Trailer:

Download Link:

For Minecraft 1.10.2

Credits: Mithey

Credits :

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