Simple Covers Mod 1.10.2/1.9

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Simple Covers Mod provides players with several basic microblocks for MCMultipart. This mod is currently in alpha and moves to beta status within the next few days.

Moreover, version 0.2 changed a lot of internal stuff and storage format. If your alpha builds earlier in a world, you should care about:

  • Backup your stuff before updating!
  • Microblocks placed in the world should convert to new format
  • Microblock items will need to be manually converted to new format by placing in a crafting grid
  • Old microblock items will have a special icon and text, and can’t be placed until converted
  • The upgrade system will be removed at some point in the future to make sure that players visit all chunks where microblocks were placed, and convert all items now.




Minecraft Forge



Simple Covers Mod Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
Covers (MC 1.10.2) Beta 1.10.2 Nov 1, 2016
Covers (MC 1.10.2) Beta 1.10.2 Oct 10, 2016
Covers (MC 1.10.2) Beta 1.10.2 Aug 6, 2016
Covers (MC 1.10.2) Beta 1.10.2 Jul 8, 2016
Covers (MC 1.9) Beta 1.9 Apr 13, 2016
Covers (MC 1.9) Beta 1.9 Apr 1, 2016
Covers (MC 1.9) Beta 1.9 Mar 23, 2016

Credits: bdew

Credits :

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