Simply Conveyors Mod 1.10.2



Simply Conveyors & More is a mod in which you use conveyors to both move items around, and use them as player transport. It has multiple types of conveyors to fit your needs.

Types of conveyors:

Normal Conveyors

Can push virtually any type of Entity.


Holding Conveyor

Holds entities in place on it unless it is powered by redstone.

Vertical Conveyors

Conveyors that go straight up.

Inverse Conveyors

Yup, it has upside-down conveyors too.

Inverse Holding Conveyor

Inverse version of the Holding Conveyor. Instead of working like a normal inverse conveyor when it is powered by redstone, it drops the entity it is holding straight down.

Conveyor Ramps

Stair versions of the normal conveyors. Only really works with players.

Hopper Conveyor

Works just as a hopper would. No internal buffer. Sends items downwards, and downwards only. (No photo)

Grabber Conveyor

Grabs a single entity within a 2x2x2 radius (excluding downwards) and teleports it onto the conveyor. It can be filtered with the Entity Filter item. For more information on how the Grabber Conveyor and Entity Filter work, look at the 1.1.3 changelog.

Block Conveyor

Turns the block on top of it into an entity while not powered (TileEntities and TileEntities containing NBT such as an inventory work as well). When powered it will not move entities and also will not convert blocks into entities. Any entity blocks will convert back into a normal block once they land on a normal height block (aka not slabs, etc).

Entity Detector Conveyor

Detects entities in the block above the conveyor. Can be filtered using the Entity Filter. Only outputs redstone signals on the sides. (Not the way it is facing and the opposite direction it is facing.)

Item I/O Conveyor

Puts items on top of it into the inventory in front of it. Pulls items onto the top of it from the inventory behind it.


Minecraft Forge

Simply Conveyors Mod Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
SimplyConveyors-1.1.9.jar Release 1.10.2 Nov 24, 2016

Author: momnop

Credits :

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