Sky Desert Challenge Map 1.11.2

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The Sky Desert Challenge is an endless running game where a path made of platforms is generated in front of the player and the player runs as far as they can without dying.

There is a twist however; the platforms are constantly falling behind the player and if the player stands in the same area for too long, they will fall into the void. At the start, the player can slip off the platforms twice without dying.

Players must deal with various obstacles:

  • Sticky Sand (Gravel with slowness effect)
  • Cactus Pricks
  • No Natural Health Regeneration

As the player goes further, the game gets harder:

  • Faster platform falling
  • Harder level template

Players can collect power-ups to help them on their journey:

  • Jump Boost (Jump III for 30s)
  • Speed Boost (Speed III for 20s)
  • Health Boost (Regain 2 Hearts)

For players that go far enough, there is the reward of various particle effects:

  • Redstone Powder
  • Happy Villager
  • Shiny Sparkles
  • Sky God Resonance

Play with as many players as you desire. Spectate and play with each other.


The world is ready to play after downloading it and adding it to your saves.

A resource pack is required for the full experience of this game! Remember to retrieve the resource pack from the resources folder and add it as your server resource pack!



Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.11.2

Author: CODE__
Credits :

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